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Hello and welcome to The Oxfordshire Foodie blog!

So you’re probably wondering who I am and why I started this blog?!

My name is Rachel and I run The Oxfordshire Foodie blog.  I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that I LOVE food but when I’m not eating or cooking (rarely), you will find me with my husband and 3 children. I have lived in Oxfordshire all my life and have had the pleasure of dining in some amazing restaurants and pubs that we are blessed to have!

In my day job, I run my own digital marketing consultancy Diesel Digital.  I help small businesses create an affordable digital marketing strategy and support them with branding, social media, search engine optimisation, lead generation and content marketing.

I started my instagram account to showcase the great food, restaurants and pubs that Oxfordshire has to offer. This blog came shortly after as a chance to give more in depth reviews of restaurants and experiences in Oxfordshire.

The blog has pushed me to try new places and engage with chefs, restaurants and pubs locally & further afield and I love sharing this journey of foodie discoveries with you all. I am always looking to find new gems and local business food brands so please do get in touch if you can recommend anyone/anywhere!

If you would like to invite me to review your restaurant/pub/event then please get in touch I’d love to get behind the scenes and understand the whole operation and get to know YOU!

I recently gave a talk in Oxford where I explained that ‘The Oxfordshire foodie’ blog is all about:

‘Spreading the news about good food in Oxfordshire.’

I am interested in supporting those who are are passionate about food and delivering fantastic foodie experiences in Oxfordshire. For this reason, I only write reviews on places which I believe have something special to offer my readers. I do not wish to ridicule anyone and my blog is based on the age old saying ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.’

That being said, this blog would be of little use without a little constructive criticism. My reviews are honest and positive…just like me!

You can follow my social media to keep up to date with where I’m reviewing:



Now you know a bit more about me…here’s to more food and fun!

Love & food,

The Oxfordshire foodie

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