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The White Horse – Kings Sutton

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Taster Menu – The Oxfordshire Bites – Mini Review

I took my in laws to the The White Horse for a belated Christmas gift.

We promised them a delicious and interesting taster menu (with amazing company) and it absolutely delivered on that promise!

6 courses with a few surprise extras thrown in. My personal highlights were the Crispy pigs head, the subtle but earthy sea flavours of the Trout and the VERY boozy Grapefruit Gatsby cocktail which came as part of the wine flight. The cheese board was particularly epic too both in terms of size and offering.

Of course we did the wine flight, such good value at £25 per head and I loved every glass.

The food was simple and delicious. Service was fabulous & perfectly informal.

This place is more dark horse than white, quietly working hard at offering foodie heaven.

I’ve been before and their steaks are always amazing so that goes without saying!

A perfect evening; in laws suitably impressed, brownie points pocketed along with the complimentary bag of fudge they gave us at the end. Lovely touch!

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