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Spiced Apple Chutney 🍏⁣

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Let this be known as the first time I officially mentioned ℂ𝕙𝕣𝕚𝕤𝕥𝕞𝕒𝕤 on these squares in 2019!🎄⁣

In my defence...tonight’s recipe on @bbcoxford requires 2 months to mature so if you want it ready for Christmas then you have no choice but to start planning it in October!⁣

I made this ‘Spiced Apple Chutney’ last year for the first time and it was so popular with the recipients that I decided to make double quantities this seemed like a good idea at the time but it did require the best part of Sunday to be spent chopping, simmering, prepping and filling jars. Plus my house and my body smelt entirely of vinegar for 48 hours 🙋🏼‍♀️⁣

It does taste incredible though and so good with a very strong cheddar!⁣

If you also have nothing better to do (am I selling it?!) and want serious bragging rights with your loved ones in 2020, then here’s how you can make it...⁣

Spiced Apple Chutney 🍏⁣

Recipe will fill around 8-10 jars ⁣

900g cooking apples (18 small)⁣

225g onions (2-3)⁣

55g raisins⁣

55g chopped dates⁣

12g each of ground coriander, paprika, ground mixed spice⁣

15g salt⁣

340g granulated sugar⁣

425ml malt vinegar⁣

Peel and chop the apples & chop the onions & dates.⁣

Put all the ingredients into a large pan. Slowly bring to the boil until the sugar has dissolved.⁣

Simmer for a few hours, dependent on the consistency you prefer. Chunky (1-2 hours) or smooth (2-3 hours). ⁣

If the smell of vinegar is too much then open some doors!🤢 ⁣

The chutney is ready once it becomes very thick and the ingredients are bound together.⁣

Let it cool and dish it into the sterilised jars. ⁣

Leave them in a cold and dark place for 2 months until you are ready to spread love and Christmas cheer and give them out...🎅🏻⁣

Love & food ❤️🍴⁣






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