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Summer themed cupcakes from The Sweet Life

A whole term of juggling home schooling, working from home and lots of bodies in the house needing constant feeding!🦩

Shout out to all the fellow parents & teachers who have got through a difficult and challenging term. The summer doesn’t necessarily mean a ‘break’ for most of us but it does mean guilt free no home schooling and that’s a big deal!🙌

I thought we all deserved a little treat and my daughter has been desperate for a ‘proper’ cupcake for some time so I ordered these summer themed cupcakes from The Sweet Life who is based in Bicester and has just started her cake company. So delicious and so pretty! I’ve not got much of a sweet tooth but I must say I love a good cupcake and will travel far to get one!

Here’s to the summer holidays, some actual sun, more cake & a lot more wine ❤️🍴

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