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The Wonky Food Co

ad - pr product | At the beginning of lockdown I received a lovely parcel from @wonkyfoodco to test out. As you can see I have enjoyed testing them out with every possible accompaniment!🐷 ⁣

If you haven’t heard of @wonkyfoodco they are an Oxfordshire based food business whose aim is to reduce food waste. They do this by saving the imperfect or ‘wonky’ fruit and veg which would usually be discarded and using it in their delicious relishes.⁣

I absolutely love the story behind this and it’s a great message but the truth is they taste great too! ⁣

My personal fave is the chilli tomato relish and I found it went so well with everything from homemade sausage roll to baked cheese/fried cheese or just cheese on a cracker! 🍅 ⁣

It’s a great product to have in the cupboard to jazz up a meal but also makes a great gift. I come from a family of chutney/cheese and pastry lovers and actually bought some for my Dad for Father’s Day. ⁣

They have many other suggestions of how to use the relishes on their website. It’s sold in many places but also online so give it a go if you are a savoury sally like me 🙌⁣

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