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Baked Potato Skins with Pulled Ham and Grated Cheese

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Tonight’s recipe on @bbcoxford was inspired by the wonderful @utterly_stuffed (if you love food then you should be following her!) 🙌⁣

When this recipe popped up, it was like she’d read my mind. Completely bored of baked potatoes after 6 weeks of lockdown austerity...fed up of throwing my picky children’s potato skins in the bin because they only like ‘the middle bit’!⁣

Et voila; a decadent way to use them up and an excuse to eat even more cheese!🧀 ⁣

My mum used to do something very similar with jacket potatoes when we were kids and I have good memories so this was a lovely blast from the past too!⁣

I added pulled ham to the bottom of mine from the weekend roast but you could add anything you fancy as long as it’s cooked 🔥 ⁣

Ingredients ⁣

Leftover potato skins⁣

Bit of cooked potato⁣

Meat leftovers⁣


Grated cheddar⁣

Grated Parmesan⁣

Heat the potato with some butter and cheddar in the microwave until it starts to melt together. Stir well so it becomes a mash.⁣

Put any meat you want to use at the bottom of the skin, then the mash on top. Season it and then cover generously with grated parmesan.⁣

Bake in the oven for 15-20 mins until cheese is bubbling.⁣

Enjoy...happy Tuesday!⁣

With love & food ❤️🍴⁣


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