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Cherry Bakewell Whisky Sour

AD pr sample | Without a doubt my most fun #gift during lockdown or frankly ever...🍹

These ready made cocktails were sent to me by Bearded Viking Drinks and I waited and waited to be allowed to have someone round to test them out with but eventually gave up and just HAD to test them out alone 🤷‍♀️

The slight disadvantage of ‘testing’ these out alone is that your judgement somewhat weakens the more you drink 😳

As you’ll see from my notes (swipe right) I wrote rather less after my second cocktail. These bad boys pack a punch! They are intended to be drunk over ice and they taste great like this but if you’re a bit of a lightweight like me you could make it last a little longer and add some tonic water. I really enjoyed the Cherry Bakewell Whisky Sour even though it is...surprise...very sour 🍒 I’m a massive fan of anything Cherry or Bakewell so this one is a winner for me. So nice to have cocktails at home and not have to order in tons of ingredients. I haven’t tested them all yet but @beardedvikingdrinks are selling a taster pack so you can get an assortment like me and find your favourites. They mix them all by hand in small batches so the flavours are up there with the great cocktails you can get at a bar. A really lovely gift for a cocktail lover.

These guys are a brand new local business in Oxford so throw them some support by giving them a follow @beardedvikingdrinks or trying out a cocktail...beware though you’ll be dancing round the kitchen after just one of these lil rockets! 🚀

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