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Flour Girl Cupcakes

Gifted | When @flourgirlcupcakegarden sends you cupcakes to try AND makes them in @theoxfordshirefoodie brand colours 🙌

You may have spotted these on my stories last week when I was trying to stop my husband from eating any before I had photographed them. I do feel for the spouses of food bloggers. We are an absolute nightmare to dine with and anything that enters the house must go through a laborious process before even being touched let alone eaten. So here’s a little shout out to all the food blogger partners...I SEE YOU 🍴

Anyway...I have had the pleasure of sampling many cupcakes but I can honestly say the aesthetic detail on these was another level. I’d almost go as far as to say they looked too good to eat but with my sweet toothed husband around that was never going to happen! I was FORCED to eat them and they were delicious too 😉

@flourgirlcupcakegarden are perfect for a special occasion and will POP on your buffet table so check her out ✨

Happy Saturday foodies, unfortunately the weather is going to be pretty awful today but I hope you have fun whatever you’re up to!

With love & food 💗🍴

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