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The newly opened @mycookiedough in @westgateoxford 🍪⁣

My first sweet treat of 2020 was a quick trip to the newly opened @mycookiedough in @westgateoxford 🍪⁣

I don’t have a massive sweet tooth but my family do so I was dragged there (!) and actually really enjoyed it. ⁣

Loads of flavours to choose from but for me it had to be the Lotus biscoff as I’m a big fan and the ice cream was perfect with it even if it was a bit chilly!❄️⁣

So much great food in @westgateoxford the hardest part is choosing where to go! This place offers something totally different and decadent so make a well earned pit stop when shopping. Have a great Sunday! 🛍 ⁣

Love & food ❤️🍴⁣


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