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Brand new Restaurant Review: Wilding - Jericho, Oxford

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

I had the pleasure of visiting brand new wine restaurant Wilding in Jericho, Oxford. As soon as I heard the concept of it I was excited to find out more.

WINE - DINE - SHOP are the words written above the door. As you’d expect from this, wine is at the heart of the restaurant. I’m a big believer in choosing wine which compliments food, and I often order by the glass in order to do so. Wilding has wine matched many of the dishes to accommodate this and they can advise further where required. Such a great idea and they sell all the wine onsite in an impressive wine shop too. It’s beautifully decorated throughout with a stunning toilet to boot ✨

Now for the menu...

The food was simple on paper but done well with great ingredients and seasoning. Just the right size menu to give you options but not too much menu anxiety (yes it’s a real thing and I suffer terribly with big menus!).

🍴Scallops to start and despite containing only 4 ingredients, they were full of flavour and the scallops were set off so well with the lemon butter and the pickles cut right through them beautifully.

🍴Rotisserie herb chicken with crispy potatoes for main. Simplistic but very tasty and elegantly presented.

🍴Strawberries with basil granita for dessert; I don’t have a huge sweet tooth and was fairly full. This was light, delightful and refreshing.

I really liked the vibe of @wilding_ox and would definitely go back. This is somewhere I’d recommend for a foodie first date, a boozy lunch, after work drinks or a special occasion. If you like decent wine and pairing it to good honest food, with fresh and simple flavours then I think you’ll really enjoy Wilding.

With love and food ❤️🍴

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