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Restaurant Review – Brets Burgers, Witney – Oxfordshire

Our first guest blogger review from local foodies Roo and Boo. They went to check out brand new burger restaurant Brets in Witney. Find out how they got on below...

Being massive burger fans, we were excited to learn one of Witney’s newest eateries was a burger restaurant. To add to the anticipation, when we mentioned it to Boo’s dad, he said he was an original Brets fan, having been a regular customer to the wooden shed in the 80’s, claiming it was the BEST burger he’d ever had.

They now boast a large restaurant at Marriot’s walk which is covered with a sturdy marquee as well as some seats on the square which we opted for as we walked down with our dog. They were very dog friendly and quickly brought him a bowl of water.

We were immediately impressed with the friendly customer service, attentive and timely, we requested a seat on the square outside of the marquee which they were happy to oblige. The ordering process and payment were really quick and easy. As you order you could see the price on the handheld devices that all staff carried and the restaurant was very COVID secure, with no handling of cutlery or drinks by the staff.

We were prepared for but still slightly daunted by the massive choice available but having had a tip-off for the Hawaiin, Boo opted for that and Roo settled on the True Brit - upon ordering we were asked multiple questions; what type of bun (gluten-free and vegan available), how well we wanted the burger cooked (well done /medium) and an option to add or remove ingredients or double up the patty.

We both ordered a single patty ground beef, there is also a choice to upgrade your burger to Wagyu for an extra charge, they also have the 'Moving Mountain' vegan burger on offer. Maybe not the right restaurant if you’re not in the mood to make many decisions! Although, you could always resort to building your own.

Just like the menu, the portion sizes are BIG - we felt like we were almost contestants on Man vs Food, make sure you arrive hungry.

The ingredients of the burger were super fresh, lovely salad leaves and a nice brioche bun. The burger arrived so loaded, it was hard to get your mouth around.

The burger was slightly more cooked than we would normally go for and again thicker than your typical patty but tasted high quality, their meat is sourced by Aubrey Allen Butcher’s.

The Hawaiian comes with thousand island, pineapple, dill, red onion, tomatoes and lettuce. Boo is now a convert of the pineapple in burger combo.

The 'True Brit' comes with melted stilton cheese, smoked bacon, lemon mustard mayo, red onion, tomatoes and lettuce. The stilton cheese really packs a punch, the melted consistency makes it feel more sauce-like. This was a true classic done well.

Roo loved her crispy side of onion rings. We could have easily shared a side but we also couldn’t resist the triple cooked chips which arrived with rock salt and were complementary to the burger.

We both thought the food could have done with slightly more seasoning - but overall a very enjoyable evening out.

We both treated ourselves to a cocktail which came well presented. Roo enjoyed the Porn Star Martini and Boo a mojito which arrived in a nice brass mug, they were refreshing but the mojito didn’t taste particularly alcoholic!

Halfway through our meal, we were offered a blanket or hot water bottle which was a lovely touch.

We were so full, we decided to leave dessert for another visit, however, we overheard another order going in for a Ferrero Roche cheesecake which sounded rather tempting, to say the least. We also noticed that they’re serving ice cream from Alfonso. Our favourite Italian ice cream from Woodstock which is almost worth a return trip alone. Hopefully, our next visit will be with Boo’s Dad in tow to relive his experience from forty years ago.

Our meal and drinks came to a total of £50.

Our round-up

Expect to find quantity and quality from Witney’s only burger joint.

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