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First meal out at The Boxing Hare, Swerford

My first meal out was an absolute delight!🙌

I visited @theboxinghare_swerford as their new pods looked so warm and inviting!🔥

They’ve done a fabulous job of setting up the outdoor dining and patio heaters meant I didn’t need to spend the evening in hat & gloves!

The food was fantastic and testament to that is the fact that I started my main before I remembered to photograph it, this food blogger is seriously out of practice but we all know I’ll put that right in the coming weeks! 📸

I always love the menu @theboxinghare_swerford and it didn’t disappoint. The staff were full of energy and fun. The atmosphere was great and it was quite emotional to be out hearing the sound of laughter and glasses clinking... 🥂

With love & food 💗🍴

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