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Brownies through my letterbox...yes please!📮⁣

You may have seen on my stories last week that the lovely Emily from @flourandflo kindly sent me some brownies in the post as a #gift for me to review. I have bought from @flourandflo before and loved the cakes but I had never tried the brownies. ⁣

I can tell you that the brownies are amazing! Melt in your mouth & completely moreish. I had to put my husband on a ban or they would have all gone overnight! These had white & milk choc chips in but she also does Terry’s chocolate orange flavour and other bakes.⁣

Not only is it beautifully packaged but it fits through your letterbox so you don’t need to be in! The packaging is also completely recyclable and natural 🙌⁣

I’m really impressed with @flourandflo’s creativity in finding a solution to a modern day problem. Many of us want to buy from local companies & independents, but we live busy lives and are not always able to wait at home for deliveries or drive for miles to collect. ⁣

I think they make a very thoughtful yet affordable gift (£10 including postage) for a new mum, a new home gift or even just a little something for a special someone who needs a little love (yourself included)💗 ⁣

Thank you @flourandflo for my letterbox bake, I will definitely be purchasing some more in future for myself and some very lucky friends 😍





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