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NEW REVIEW: Raising the Bar - The Oxford Beer, Chadlington Brewery

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

When I was asked to try out some craft beer for ' The Oxfordshire Foodie' blog, my first thought was: the pubs are shut, what could be better than pairing food with locally brewed beer, even if it is on my Tod Sloan? Let the quaffing begin...

It was an unusually sunny Saturday in February when a case of beer arrived from Chadlington Brewery. A custom-built brewery nestled in the Cotswold village of Chadlington, West Oxfordshire, the Brewery has been producing the amber nectar since 2015 using only natural ingredients, including Oxfordshire spring water. To minimise their impact on the environment, Chadlington use solar and biomass renewable energy sources, as well as recycling the spent grains to local farmers.

To add to their local credentials, the Brewery is the official beer of Oxfordshire County Cricket as well as the official sponsor of Oxford City FC. So does this well-kept secret live up to their title as "The Oxford Beer"? It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff...

A stellar line-up

Chadlington serve a wide range to suit most palates, from a tippler to a pitcher. Read on to find food pairings for Oxford Light Ale, Oxford Best, Oxford Pale Ale, Oxford Blonde, Oxford Blue, Oxford IPA and Boat Race.

Oxford Light Ale

ABV 2.5%

Verdict: A clean and crisp citrus taste that is refreshing. Perfect for Happy Hour.

Pair with: French fries, Sausages, Fried fish

Oxford Blue

ABV 4.2%

Verdict: A golden and fruity variety that packs a punch. Down the hatch!

Pair with: Fish, Chicken, Salad

Try with: Salmon Teriyaki

Oxford Blonde

ABV 4.0%

Verdict: Fruity, clean & crisp with a warm aftertaste. Remarkably drinkable.

Pair with: Cheeses & Roasted Meats

Oxford IPA

ABV 4.5%

Verdict: A slightly cloudy, dark golden body with a hint of apple and plums. Definitely take a punt on this.

Pair with: BBQ, Grilled Meats

Boat Race

ABV 5.0

Verdict: Well-balanced lager-come-pilsner with a bitter finish. Ideal for watching the rowing by the Thames (or a cosy one on the sofa watching on TV this year.) Enjoy chilled, after a couple of rounds of this you'll have forgotten about the Boat Race!

Pair with: Burgers, Salad

Oxford Pale Ale

ABV 3.8%

Verdict: This light and golden ale keeps your palette fresh and complements the zesty flavours of the Tacos.

Pair with: Spicy Foods

Try with: Tacos

Oxford Best

ABV 4.8%

Verdict: A classic bitter with a golden brown colour and smooth texture.

Pair with: Burgers/Steak/Roasted Meats

A short hop away

Visiting the Brewery and the newly-planned Tap Room is currently not possible but kegs and cases are available from the website brew shop. The Oxford Beer has been spotted on the shelves of the garden centre at Bicester Avenue.

In the meantime, you can book a virtual tour of the brewery with owner Jason Chipcase and receive a Chadlington Brewery gift pack delivered right to your door.

The days are few until you will be able to raise a glass and #ShareTheBeer in a great Oxfordshire Pub. For now, wish you were beer...


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